OpenScape Contact Center Enterprise Manager Administration Training

(Formerly HiPath ProCenter Manager Administration Training)

To aide Administrators and Supervisors with a HiPath ProCenter system achieve clarity and confidence in their Contact Center, Westridge Professional Services offers a 4 day fully customized administration training class.

We utilize your current system and your information, which in turn allows us to convey to you a solid understanding of how your current design is implemented.

This is an on-site hands-on, collaborative lab setting, normally for up to 4 people, in which interaction to the lecture based instruction is highly encouraged. Additional instructional venues and teaching aides such as real time viewing of your data or other applications, PowerPoint, White Board Discussions, hands on exercises, etc. will be utilized as required.

Our OpenScape Contact Center Enterprise Manager Administration Training - 4 day Customer Class (Course # HPPC70R3 M201) is a course for administrators and supervisors who perform configuration changes in a HiPath ProCenter system on a frequent basis. It is also intended for contact center supervisors and managers responsible for how agents take calls. The course is tailored to meet your specific needs, goals and objectives.

Typical items covered are:

  • Features and architecture
  • Principles of skills based routing
  • Configuration and modification of agents and their skills
  • Configuration and modification of routing for your media types (i.e.: telephony, callback, email)
  • Agent desktop
  • Real-time monitoring using the supervisor desktop
  • Basic Creation of Reports

At Westridge Professional Services, we feel that a good portion of a successful Contact Center is keyed to Clarity and Confidence.


  • One’s ability to clearly understand, to simplify meaning.


  • Belief in yourself and your ability to succeed.

As a result of this class students will be able to:

  • Understand the basics of the architecture of the their system
  • Understand the call flows in thier system
  • Understand the routing for basic media types
  • Understand the basic components in the system

(No advanced functions i.e.: external database access or custom functions)

  • Ability to add/modify/delete users and some best practices
  • Basic understanding of Wav files and how to apply them
  • Create views with the supervisor desktop for real-time monitoring of the contact center
  • Create a basic report
  • Basic usage of the agent desktop

Note: This particular course is not intended as an advanced course. Nor does it cover reporting in any detail. Other courses are available to meet those needs.

Westridge Professional Services - Training

Basic ProCenter Administration Training - Customer 4 Day Class

Course # HPPC70R3M201


Rudy Bouhuys

Westridge Professional Services

Michael Bouhuys

Chief Architect and Technical officer
Westridge Professional Services

At Westridge Professional Services we have a passion for Contact Centers which is matched only by our fascination and enthusiasm of Contact Center technology.