Voice is still the number one way we communicate in real time

We realize in this busy world filled with numerous social media outlets, all trying to improve todays communications, a real time voice conversation is still the preferred method of ensuring the best customer satisfaction.  Therefore, we know you need both easy and effective communications to ensure things run smoothly. Westridge Professional Services has a 10-year record of providing simple and effective communications strategies that can empower you and your business.  As technology evolves, we do too, providing you with the best solutions for voice, messaging and emerging technologies.

To aide you with keeping your voice systems up to date and running smoothly Westridge Professional Services can help you on All Unify (formerly Siemens Enterprise Communications) Platforms.

  • OpenScape 4000
  • OpenScape Voice
  • OpenScape Branch
  • OpenScape Enterprise Express
  • As well as the full line of Siemens legacy product families:
    • HiPath, Hicom, PhoneMail, etc.

Keep voice communication simple

Picking up the phone and making a call should always be as simple as it sounds. We ensure that businesses can always communicate seamlessly and in real-time by supporting their voice systems and applications.

Westridge Professional Services supports customers with voice system maintenance and implementations ranging from legacy to complex UC environments. Voice and telephony considerations include fixed lines, mobile voice, soft phones, and even peer-to-peer video sessions.


Westridge Professional Services is a recognized leader in the Contact Center industry.

At Westridge Professional Services we offer complete telecommunications support and services from General PBX support to specialized Contact Center Application integration. Examples of some of our services:

  • End to End, turnkey, Siemens HiPath ProCenter – Siemens Openscape Contact Center Enterprise - Impelmentation
  • Siemens Hipath ProCenter – True “Skills” based routing – including Flex Routing
  • Siemens Hipath ProCenter – “Groups” based routing – including Flex Routing
  • We provide Customized application and integration
  • We provide Customized IVR Development
  • We provide Custom development of various contact center applications – ie: A control center for the contact center, an interface to quickly change the center to a closed state due to: weather, all hands meetings or adhoc closed scenarios.
  • End to End, turnkey, Genesys Impelmentation (an Alcatel-Lucent Co.)
  • Data Collection – we listen to your needs, offer suggestions and work with you to implement the best Contact Center for your company.
  • Contact Center Audits – we review your current Contact Center and make suggestions to “tweak” the system to make it more productive for your business and your customers.
  • Design –we custom design a Contact Center that meets the needs of your company based on your business needs and your customers’ requirements
  • Implement – after design sessions, we will make it all work for you.
  • Integrate – we will make sure everything works together
  • Agent Training – we train your employees to use the installed Contact Center agent components
  • Supervisor Training - supervisor and manager training of the installed Contact Center components including running basic reports for your Contact Center
  • Advanced Report Training – customized supervisor and manager training, geared to review advanced reporting scenarios
  • Provide Customer guidance and strategy to capitalize and build on your existing Call Center.
  • In Summary - We are specialists in Contact Center (Call Center) design and programming and can help interpret your existing call center thresholds, abandon rates and hold times to see what areas could use improvement to better serve your customers. We can assist you and your team in creating custom reports to manage your business as volumes fluctuate.

For General PBX Support:

Telco coordination & Traffic analysis

Let us analyze your Trunking to make sure you are using your trunks efficiently. We have been

instrumental in saving customers large TELCO bills with in-efficient trunk design. We interface with all Telco representatives on your behalf and can order and disconnect facilities for you.

Database Updates

We are trained on non-Siemens application servers and products and can update these databases. As MAC is performed in your PBX or Voicemail system we can ensure these updates are kept current.

Security Audits

Is your PBX and Voicemail system secure from hackers or employee call abuse? We can audit your PBX design to make sure your system is safe. We can do single sites or multi-site connected survey’s.

PBX Port Reduction / System Survey

Are you paying maintenance for ports you don’t use? We can survey your current system and help consolidate ports to reduce maintenance costs.

System Documentation

We can provide you reports which outline every aspect of your current PBX and Voicemail system. This documentation can be provided one time, monthly or quarterly.

Telecommunication Analysts

We can be a part of your IT team. As Telecom Analysts we can perform either onsite or remote moves and changes and can handle all PBX helpdesk tickets.

End User, Train the Trainer, Operator Console, Etiquette and System administration training

We can perform all types of training on your system to get the most out of your investment. In addition, we can train one of your employees to do simple Moves and Changes to save vendor charges and train one or more people on your staff to train new hires.

New System Purchases or Company Moves

We can act on your behalf in purchasing a new system or upgrading to make sure you get the most out of your investment.