List of Services - A to Z


  • OpenScape Contact Center (formerly ProCenter)
  • OpenScape 4000
  • OpenScape Voice
  • OpenScape Branch
  • OpenScape Enterprise Express
  • Xpressions & AppGen/App Builder 
  • As well as the full line of Siemens legacy product families:
    • HiPath, Hicom, PhoneMail, etc.

     OSCC Installation

                   Integration to Unify PBX’s Hicom 300, HiPath 4000, OSV, HiPath 3000, etc.

          OSCC Upgrades & Patches

          OSCC Basic and advanced Groups Based Routing Design

OSCC Call Director Installation & Integration  (All Types)


OSCC Multi-site networking

          OSCC Multi-Tenancy      

Exceptions Application

After Call Survey Application

Area Code Routing Application

Shipping Application

Team Management Application

Supervisor Management Application

Broadcast Bar Management Application

User Profile Management Application

Client Desktop Frame

OSCC Media experts (Voice, fax, email, chat and social media):

          Multi-Channel Skills based Routing

OSCC Email – Basic thru Advanced

          MS Outlook,  Lotus Domino,

                    OSCC Callbacks

                    OSCC Outbound

                    OSCC Web Collaboration (Web Chat)

                    OSCC Text Messaging to OSCC agents

Custom Reports

          Short Call Report

          Queue by Abandoned Caller Daily Report

          Queue by “Day of Week” weekly report

Agent by Hour Daily Report

          Call Volume Report

          “Cradle to Grave” report

Custom Report Package


Config Report

Queue Agent Step Report

Queue Interval Report

Agent Skill Report

Agent Post Processing List

Agent Config Report

Agent Profile (Permissions) Report

Profile Comparison

List of Queues, Timeout Targets & Steps

List of Enqueue Nodes and Captions

Queues, Timeout Targets, Q Processing Flows

Queues, Timeout Targets, CBK, Svc Lvl, Perf Rtg

Queue, Virt Grp, Reqmnts, Media, zcallStep, Priority increment, StepTime, Timeouts

Queue, Q Description, Caption, Timeout = Y or N

Virtual Group Requirements

Quantity of Configured agents per Virtual Group

SIMPLE List of Departments

Quantity of Agents per Department

List of users by department

List of Backup Groups

List of Users and Backup groups

List of Users, Department and Backup groups

LIST of Skills and descriptions of Skills


List of Message, Menu  Nodes

exceptions to report intervals

Call Type Requirements

List of Nodes

Destination Tables

Resources - Users, Dept, Bu ACD Grp

List of Aggregates

          Agregate config.

Flex routing to OSCC Config Comparison:

          Auto work vs Post Processing

          Agent List per Flex BackUp Group Vs Agent media list in OSCC


HiPath 4000 FlexRouting Config:

DNIT Report

GDTR Report

Memory Allocations

RCG report

Shift Set Report

ART config Report

Validate Error targets


Wallboard?  (Display)

          Groups to Skills    

Contact Center Integration work:


Call Recording Integration

IVR Integration

CRM integration

Help Desk Integration

Custom App Integration

Interalia XMU

Configuration report

Temporary text to speech announcements

IVR work

Microsoft Skpe for Business integration?

Outside of the Contact Center:


          Group Mailbox List

          Group Mailbox Email target list

Custom Reports

Xpressions App Builder

          Xpressions Menu and Application design


HiPath 4000

          E911 “stuff”

          Large Dial plan experts

          Trunk Usage


Training in most of the above:

          OSCC Manager Training

          OSCC Agent Training

          OSCC Update classes

          OSCC Advanced Report Class

OSCC Statistics

Basic Telephony Training

PBX basic admin Training

Disaster Recovery

          OSCC High Availability (warm standby)

          OSCC cold standby


          No Frills - Hourly PSSA – Similar to T&M (Time and Materials)

PSSA – Annual PSSA  


                   Contact Center Current Patches

                   1 Onsite Visit

                   1 Mini Audit

                  4K work (Minimal)


Mini Audit


Operator Console (ADS)