Westridge Professional Services

What is it they say about first impressions?

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression”

How long does it take someone to form their perception of your organization?

“It could be formed within the first six seconds or within the first 60 seconds”

When someone calls your organization, what is their first impression?

What perceptions do they have about your organization?

Whether it’s a first time caller to your organization

or a well established keystone in your business,

What is their experience while calling you?

Is it easy for someone to do business with you over the phone?


At Westridge Professional Services, we know your customers’ perception of you is their reality.

We would love the opportunity to help improve your customers’ first impression of your business, through intelligent call routing.

Our experience tells us that many organizations:

  • Are very comfortable with their contact centers as is.
  • Don’t have a good feel for the inbound or outbound customer experience
  • Incorrectly treat their Contact (Call) Centers as “Cost” centers
  • Don’t know how to grow to the next steps

We welcome the opportunity to help your organization address these questions and issues. We feel that excellent customer service is what will get you through these “hard economic times”

We are “The Experts” when it comes to helping your contact center maximize the performance of your communications environment.

The HiPath ProCenter Contact Center Suite is a strategic platform of applications designed to offer feature-rich multimedia and presence-enhanced First Contact Resolution Center for small to large size companies in all industry sectors.